Back in Action

Hey everyone!

I know I barely started my blog last time before fading off into the distance. I wound up getting tied up in work and a bunch of medical issues! But, I'm back now, and with a new slant.

I've recently signed up with Avon and am having lots of fun trying their products and comparing them to the ones I already use! So, much of my new posts will be first impressions / comparisons for Avon products.

I'm still planning on doing reviews of other Drugstore products, but hope to create a place for Avon reviews, it is hard to find these around the interwebs ;)

Look for a post in the next few days on their new mascara, the Mega Effects Mascara, with a very unique brush design. That's all I'll say for now on that.

I'm also going to take back up with the Weekly Dazzle posts, I'll try and have one up next Tuesday.


I'm Baaaack!

I am so sorry for being such a flakey blogger. I was trying really hard not to be, but unfortunately I was adding too many new things into my life at once, and something had to give. Or everything.  I've been really trying to lose weight, so I'm working on eating healthier and exercising more. I've also started selling some crocheted items at the local Farmer's Market, and on Etsy.
I also have a confession to make: I've hardly worn any makeup since I was last on here. I know, a beauty blogger who doesn't wear makeup? I've just been enjoying summer and not wanting to spend the time on it. But, it's time to start wearing again because a) it makes me feel better and b) I get a lot of compliments (which adds to a).

What's in store over the next couple weeks?
  • more Weekly Dazzle posts
  • a haul -- I bought some makeup from a local who's moving out of the territory and got some really nice items
  • a few tags, I'm sure!
  • a weight update
  • reviews -- any requests? 
 Sorry again for the looong delay in posting, but lets hope it doesn't happen again :)


Weekly Dazzle - May pt. 3

Hi everyone! I hope your week has been better than mine -- well, at least ended better than mine. Here I was thinking we had finally reached spring, or dare-I-think-it summer, but nope: it snowed. Twice. At least warmer weather is on the way again!

Dazzling Product
This week is a repeat for me: Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cocoa Butter. I was neglecting my lips for a few days there, and after one day of using this (I apply it in the morning after my shower, and just before I go to bed) and my lips are back to normal. Yeay!

Least Dazzling Product
I don't actually have a least dazzling product, so I'm going to stick Mother Nature in this category. I mean, really: snow in May??

Dazzling Entertainment
Again, I've got to hand it to BGT. Even the bad acts are so bad they're entertaining. Next week is the final week for this show -- we get it every night until the finale.

Dazzling Food
I've been watching a lot of Chopped lately, and for some reason it's been making me crave apples. So I bought this new type of apple that I can't remember what it is!! I'll let you know after I check it out @ the grocery store that is so yummy. Nice and crisp and the perfect blend of tart and sweet. What's your favourite fruit / vegetable to snack on?

New Purchase
The only new purchase I made was a box of hair dye. Nothing special, just something close to my natural colour so I can start doing my hair straight again. My roots were seriously long, but they blended well when I was doing my hair curly (as in super-curly: just put some mousse in and diffuse it), but are super noticeable when I do my hair straight. So now it's all brunette.

I've also decided to start growing out my bangs, and so far I'm liking it. What are your thoughts on bangs: yay or nay?

Getting out of the rut

Do you ever get into a makeup rut? I find I'm either in a rut of wearing the same makeup looks or I'm in a rut of not wearing makeup at all. I love wearing makeup and applying it, so I'm not sure why I get into the no-makeup rut but once I'm there I find it so invigorating and empowering to feel okay with my natural self that it can take me a while to get back into wearing makeup again. What do you do to inspire yourself when you get in a rut and want to change it up but at the same time are complacent with where you are?

I feel like I'm in a good place, right now, to change things up. A new season is upon us, and I'm starting a new position for the summer so with all these other changes going on it should be easier to change this aspect. I'm also looking to dye my hair, grow out my bangs, and start doing straight - instead of embracing my natural curls - hair. Hopefully these little changes will help me get back into trying new things with my makeup too :)

I *Heart* Spring Tag

*Disclaimer: My camera is still on the fritz, so images are not my own. They are taken from the product websites*
Two blogs I follow, and gained inspiration and encourage to start my own blog, are MakingUpAshlee and Natalie Loves Beauty. They have both done the "I Heart Spring" Tag, Ashlee as her very first youtube video and Natalie as a blog post. I'm not quite as brave as Ashlee to attempt a video yet, so I'll follow in Natalie's shoes and blog the tag.

1. Favorite spring nail polish? - 

I haven't been wearing much nail polish lately, but one I have been loving is Sally Hansen's X-Treme Wear in Golden-I. This color is a nice nude color with tons of glitter that just looks amazing (and that the chips don't show is a nice perk!)

2. What is your must-have lip color this spring? - I'm usually a paler-lip kinda gal, but I've been loving punchy pinks. Pinks that aren't too neon, but pack a nice wallop of bright color.

3. Show us your favorite spring dress!
 - I actually don't wear dresses, but my favorite spring top is from Walmart. Mine has a bit more purples and yellows, but the style is the same.

4. What's your favorite flower? - I love lillies and Gerber Daisies, but in springtime I always keep my eye out for daffodils. It just isn't spring until I see a daffodil.

5. Favorite spring scarf/accessory? I love the look of scarves, but haven't gotten into wearing them yet. Isn't it funny how we envy how nice other people look in a style, but feel so self-conscious in ourselves?

6. What spring trend(s) are you most excited about this year? (Makeup, fashion or both!) - I'm really loving the mint & coral combos. So lovely.

7. Favorite spring candle? I actually just bought a new candle trio from Walmart; it comes with Tropical Fruit, Juicy Fig, and Pomegranate Cranberry. I definitely recommend buying this trio, they all smell amazing. I'm burning Pomegranate Cranbery as we speak.

8. Favorite body spray/perfume for spring? - I tend to lean towards slightly floral-slighty sweet, or slightly fruity-slightly sweet scents. Sometimes I feel my tastes aren't very mature and I should try something else, but then I never end up wearing it. I don't have a current favorite right now because I *ahem* tried something new and I never end up wearing it. What scent do you recommend?

9. What is spring like where you live? - This year spring never came. I think we're headed straight into summer as of 5 days ago! Usually, beginning of April it warms up, snow melts, we see all the dead grass, and then it snows again one last time. Flowers come out along main street, it starts to warm up and we start to see bare arms  & legs. And longer days. Very long days.

10. What's your favorite thing about spring? - I love all the fresh growth -- flowers, grass, trees. They may not love me (darn allergies) but I love seeing all the green and life. It gives me new energy. We should just make Spring Resolutions instead of New Year's resolutions.

11. Are you a spring cleaner? - Sometimes. I go in spurts all throughout the year. I try to keep my house fairly neat and orderly, and then when I get that burst of cleaning energy I super-clean-and-super-organize it all, no matter if it's spring, winter, whenever.

12. Any plans for spring break or an upcoming vacation? - I'm going away the end of this month for an overnight trip to Skagway, Alaska -- it's only a day trip, really, but I want a mini-vacay before the summer hits. I have a larger vacation planned for the fall.

I tag all of you to do this. If it's actually summer  where you live, trade out summer for spring in all the q's :)

Weekly Dazzle - May pt 1 & 2

Oh my, I have been a bad blogger!! We're coming up on busy season at work, so with getting over this cold and training our 2 new hires and getting ready for all the tourists and finally getting off of graveyard shifts 2 days a week I have been beat!  However, things are evening out again, and I am ready to delve back into the world of blogging. Thanks if you've stuck around during these rocky past few weeks.

Dazzling Product
This is actually a new purchase so my oppinion of it may change, but I bought a Joe Fresh tinted lip balm this week (I believe the color is Papaya) and it is lovely. Very soft, great color (just a sheer wash nothing too opaque). The only downside is that it smells a bit too lipsticky for my tastes, but the color is enough that I'm still loving it.

Least Dazzling Product
My least dazzling product has been a sort-of repurchase. I had been using Equate Cocoa Butter Lotion from Walmart (the Walmart version of the Vaseline lotion in the bronze bottle) and it is so nice. Just the right mixture of thick & creamy, soaks in right away, and keeps my skin nice and hydrated in this arid desert that we have going on here. I ran out, and Walmart was out, so I got the Super Store brand thinking it couldn't be much different. Boy, was I wrong. First off, it's a bit more runny than the Walmart, but I could live with that. The cincher was when I could smell again -- it's not a horrible smell, but it's not an inviting smell either. Thank goodness Walmart had their lotion in again today!

Dazzling Entertainment
All my shows are ending, so sad! Britain's Got Talent is still on, of course, but I only have 1 episode left of Survivor, Once Upon a Time, Criminal least I have a few favored summer series!! The best dazzling entertainment: I got to see the Amazing Race Canada teams when they were in Whitehorse YT!!!

Dazzling Food
We have a new menu at my hotel and they revamped our signature burger. Bye-bye cheddar, beef, and mushrooms; hello angus, apple-smoked cheddar, and non-greasy deliciousness. Seriously guys, you should come visit Whitehorse just for this burger.

New Purchase
Along with the Joe Fresh lip balm, I also purchased a Revlon Lip Butter in Creme Brule (I've been eying it for quite the time now) and it is my new fave nude lip color. Perfect for summer! Last week I bought Sally Hanson Nail Growth Miracle which is working nicely, and it's friendly with my Salon FX Top Coat so it's my friend again.

I promise, this time the I <3 Spring tag is coming up within 3 days!! Soon, it'll be 1<3 summer, but since our snow just melted last week, Spring is still in the air.

Weekly Dazzle - April pt. 3 & 4

Sorry for the blog silence this past week, I've been fighting quite the cold!  I'm feeling much better now, just still very cough-y (silly asthma), so no pictures on this post - I figure no pictures is better than shakey/blurry ones from coughing mid-snap.  On to the faves:

Dazzling Product
I have been loving all of my MUA products, especially the Mosaic Blush. I love that it is so smooth, and so versatile. I can get any color I want from it, from a coral to a peach to a bright pink. Just love.

Least Dazzling Product
My least dazzling product these past 2 weeks has been my Pro-FX Quick-Dry High Gloss top coat. This came highly recommended by a friend of mine, but it does not match my nail type -- it causes my nail polish to peel off in an entire sheet! I have never experienced this before, it's so strange.

Dazzling Entertainment
I've become hooked on Britain's Got Talent again. Have you seen the video yet for Attraction? If not, you must go watch it!

Dazzling Food
Okay, I went out to Boston Pizza yesterday and my friend had the new steak-bite-skewers-thinggy. The sauce that comes with these is ah-mazing! We had to ask the server what it was, and where could we buy some. She said we wouldn't believe her when she told us what it was. The secret? Caesar salad dressing mixed with HP sauce. I'm telling you, this stuff is the holy grail of dipping sauces. I have a new love.

New Purchase
So, I finished the gift for my mom, and now 2 of my coworkers want me to crochet one for them. Tunic for self is on hold! Good thing I crochet fast!! Purchases I haven't made many, but this week I'm looking for a new moisturizer/body butter -- any suggestions?

Stay tuned for the I <3 Spring Tag courtesy of The Makeup Wonderland & Natalie Loves Beauty, coming soon!