Weekly Dazzle - April 2013 pt. 2

Dazzling Product
I haven't been wearing much for makeup this week, but one thing I have just been loving is the Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cocoa Butter. It smells amazing, and my lips are definitely doing much better this week because of it.

Least Dazzling Product
Again, I haven't been doing much for beauty this week, so I don't actually have a least. I take that as a good thing!

Dazzling Entertainment
I decided to lump book, tv, and movie into one because I haven't been reading much this week, my shows are the same, but I did finally watch Perfect Pitch.  Why oh why did I wait so long to watch this gem? I love Glee, so this movie is straight up my alley; it has equal parts comedy, romance, and awesome.

Dazzling Food
I tend to eat the same foods for my breakfast and lunch, and only branch out in dinner (but still stick to the same tried-and-trues) because I'm trying to lose weight. However, I finally decided to try the Taco Salad at work, and it is deelish! Too bad they're taking it off the menu in May -- please keep it on the lunch menu!

New Purchase
My latest purchase is not beauty related in the least, but I bought some yarn. Okay, I bought a lot of yarn. I've been super into crochet since I finally learned at the end of last year. I'm working on a gifty for my mom, and the next thing I'm making is a nice tunic for myself. Stay tuned for pictures of it :)

How was your week? Have you tried any products lately that you'd recommend, or have you seen any products you'd like a review of?



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