Weekly Dazzle - April pt. 3 & 4

Sorry for the blog silence this past week, I've been fighting quite the cold!  I'm feeling much better now, just still very cough-y (silly asthma), so no pictures on this post - I figure no pictures is better than shakey/blurry ones from coughing mid-snap.  On to the faves:

Dazzling Product
I have been loving all of my MUA products, especially the Mosaic Blush. I love that it is so smooth, and so versatile. I can get any color I want from it, from a coral to a peach to a bright pink. Just love.

Least Dazzling Product
My least dazzling product these past 2 weeks has been my Pro-FX Quick-Dry High Gloss top coat. This came highly recommended by a friend of mine, but it does not match my nail type -- it causes my nail polish to peel off in an entire sheet! I have never experienced this before, it's so strange.

Dazzling Entertainment
I've become hooked on Britain's Got Talent again. Have you seen the video yet for Attraction? If not, you must go watch it!

Dazzling Food
Okay, I went out to Boston Pizza yesterday and my friend had the new steak-bite-skewers-thinggy. The sauce that comes with these is ah-mazing! We had to ask the server what it was, and where could we buy some. She said we wouldn't believe her when she told us what it was. The secret? Caesar salad dressing mixed with HP sauce. I'm telling you, this stuff is the holy grail of dipping sauces. I have a new love.

New Purchase
So, I finished the gift for my mom, and now 2 of my coworkers want me to crochet one for them. Tunic for self is on hold! Good thing I crochet fast!! Purchases I haven't made many, but this week I'm looking for a new moisturizer/body butter -- any suggestions?

Stay tuned for the I <3 Spring Tag courtesy of The Makeup Wonderland & Natalie Loves Beauty, coming soon!



Blush Bug said...

Mmm, steak bites! I'm actually in love with the Mr. Mikes steak bites! Have you tried them before? xx

Natalie Loves Beauty said...

Fruits & Passion and the Body Shop have great body butters! Hopefully you can get your hands on them! :)

Andrea said...

Thanks Natalie, I should definitely check them out :)

Andrea Pandrea said...

Hi Blush Bug! Sorry I'm replying soooo late! I haven't actually eaten at a Mr. Mike's yet, but they're building on here so it should be open in, oh, a year or 2 (you know how construction is)

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