Weekly Dazzle - May pt 1 & 2

Oh my, I have been a bad blogger!! We're coming up on busy season at work, so with getting over this cold and training our 2 new hires and getting ready for all the tourists and finally getting off of graveyard shifts 2 days a week I have been beat!  However, things are evening out again, and I am ready to delve back into the world of blogging. Thanks if you've stuck around during these rocky past few weeks.

Dazzling Product
This is actually a new purchase so my oppinion of it may change, but I bought a Joe Fresh tinted lip balm this week (I believe the color is Papaya) and it is lovely. Very soft, great color (just a sheer wash nothing too opaque). The only downside is that it smells a bit too lipsticky for my tastes, but the color is enough that I'm still loving it.

Least Dazzling Product
My least dazzling product has been a sort-of repurchase. I had been using Equate Cocoa Butter Lotion from Walmart (the Walmart version of the Vaseline lotion in the bronze bottle) and it is so nice. Just the right mixture of thick & creamy, soaks in right away, and keeps my skin nice and hydrated in this arid desert that we have going on here. I ran out, and Walmart was out, so I got the Super Store brand thinking it couldn't be much different. Boy, was I wrong. First off, it's a bit more runny than the Walmart, but I could live with that. The cincher was when I could smell again -- it's not a horrible smell, but it's not an inviting smell either. Thank goodness Walmart had their lotion in again today!

Dazzling Entertainment
All my shows are ending, so sad! Britain's Got Talent is still on, of course, but I only have 1 episode left of Survivor, Once Upon a Time, Criminal Minds....at least I have a few favored summer series!! The best dazzling entertainment: I got to see the Amazing Race Canada teams when they were in Whitehorse YT!!!

Dazzling Food
We have a new menu at my hotel and they revamped our signature burger. Bye-bye cheddar, beef, and mushrooms; hello angus, apple-smoked cheddar, and non-greasy deliciousness. Seriously guys, you should come visit Whitehorse just for this burger.

New Purchase
Along with the Joe Fresh lip balm, I also purchased a Revlon Lip Butter in Creme Brule (I've been eying it for quite the time now) and it is my new fave nude lip color. Perfect for summer! Last week I bought Sally Hanson Nail Growth Miracle which is working nicely, and it's friendly with my Salon FX Top Coat so it's my friend again.

I promise, this time the I <3 Spring tag is coming up within 3 days!! Soon, it'll be 1<3 summer, but since our snow just melted last week, Spring is still in the air.


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