I'm Baaaack!

I am so sorry for being such a flakey blogger. I was trying really hard not to be, but unfortunately I was adding too many new things into my life at once, and something had to give. Or everything.  I've been really trying to lose weight, so I'm working on eating healthier and exercising more. I've also started selling some crocheted items at the local Farmer's Market, and on Etsy.
I also have a confession to make: I've hardly worn any makeup since I was last on here. I know, a beauty blogger who doesn't wear makeup? I've just been enjoying summer and not wanting to spend the time on it. But, it's time to start wearing again because a) it makes me feel better and b) I get a lot of compliments (which adds to a).

What's in store over the next couple weeks?
  • more Weekly Dazzle posts
  • a haul -- I bought some makeup from a local who's moving out of the territory and got some really nice items
  • a few tags, I'm sure!
  • a weight update
  • reviews -- any requests? 
 Sorry again for the looong delay in posting, but lets hope it doesn't happen again :)



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