Back in Action

Hey everyone!

I know I barely started my blog last time before fading off into the distance. I wound up getting tied up in work and a bunch of medical issues! But, I'm back now, and with a new slant.

I've recently signed up with Avon and am having lots of fun trying their products and comparing them to the ones I already use! So, much of my new posts will be first impressions / comparisons for Avon products.

I'm still planning on doing reviews of other Drugstore products, but hope to create a place for Avon reviews, it is hard to find these around the interwebs ;)

Look for a post in the next few days on their new mascara, the Mega Effects Mascara, with a very unique brush design. That's all I'll say for now on that.

I'm also going to take back up with the Weekly Dazzle posts, I'll try and have one up next Tuesday.



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